City of Cape Town’s Informal Trading Plan

Formal businesses in the Philippi area have a number of concerns with the current informal trading situation.

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The main challenge is congestion, not only in regards to pedestrians, but more pertinently to vehicular traffic.

  • With pavements being occupied by trading stalls, pedestrian traffic spills over into the streets, exacerbating an already bad traffic situation.
  • Movement of commercial vehicles in Protea and Stock Roads is often brought to a standstill for long periods, which not only costs business owners money but makes them vulnerable to hi-jacking.
  • Extensive littering is another side effect of congested trading spaces.

Informal traders on Protea Road

Informal Trading Plan for Joe Gqabi, Stock & Protea Roads

PEDI held a virtual meeting on 28 April with representatives of Area Economic Development (AED) and medium and large local businesses (waste management, retail liquor, manufacturing) to review the Informal Trading Plan for Joe Gqabi, Stock and Protea Roads.

This meeting followed a request by AED (Area South) to PEDI (implementation partner) to engage with businesses in the Philippi Industrial/Commercial Area as part of the City of Cape Town’s stakeholder engagement process.


Trading site locations in the AED’s proposed Informal Trading Plan

The business community representatives expressed their appreciation for being consulted and for the information shared by AED; and the majority supported the proposed layout of the Informal Trading bays.

Other discussion points:

  • Concerns were raised about traffic congestion due to its negative impact on the movement of bulk transport vehicles (like trucks and lorries).
  • The City of Cape Town and AED will finalise its formal public participation process by placing an advert in the local newspaper to invite comments and input from the public and other stakeholders.
  • The public participation process includes an Open Day (planned for Thursday 3 June) to allow stakeholders to view the Informal Trading Plan layout maps and submit their input.
  • PEDI will be developing innovative programmes to address the challenges of traffic congestion and safety in the Philippi Industrial/Commercial zone.

We are encouraged by the expressions of support by the business community; and for their commitment to the public participation process and continued collaboration with the City and PEDI in improving the Philippi Industrial/Commercial Area.

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