A Family Focus

Beautiful Gate, where PEDI’s offices are located, is a facility that was built as a family resource centre.

The facility is run as an interdenominational church organisation that provides a children’s place of safety, a hospice and medical services, and it runs soccer and sports programmes.

Its programmes are premised on the belief that functional families are critical to the best interests of children, and that vulnerable families should be able to enlist their communities for support.

By building and supporting family development, Beautiful Gate is helping to reduce the domestic violence, child abuse and cycle of abandonment that is so rife in South Africa. Treating the family unit as a whole, Beautiful Gate is able to provide services to both parents and children that are designed to have families grow stronger and become vital parts of the greater community of Philippi.

Programmes are offered to children and youth that are designed to provide mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development.

Additionally, Beautiful Gate offers a resource centre that is aimed at helping job seekers look for and apply for work that is available in the area.


Assistance is given in the preparation of CVs and interview skills, together with access to computers and the internet.


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