Grant Funding approved by Council


Grant funding for the next three financial years (2019 – 2022) was approved at the Council meeting held in August 2019. This funding will assist the Philippi Economic Development Initiative (PEDI)  to continue with their catalytic programmes to promote economic growth and development in the area. 

The approval will enable the Economic Development Department in Area South to enter into a three-year Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the Philippi Economic Development Initiative. In addition, the approval gives PEDI the mandate to assist the City with the following programmes and projects over the next three-years:

  • To facilitate the development of ERF 5268 to stimulate economic development
  • To re-imagine the Ngulube High Street and Hives, which is an informal economy project
  • Development of the Urban Agricultural Academy to develop an emerging and urban farmer supply channel, and a value-add packing facility for emerging and urban farmers
  • Incubation of a Precinct Management Unit

‘PEDI has developed a feasibility study showing conceptual options of how this piece of land (ERF 5268) could be optimised in order to stimulate economic development and catalytic investment within the Philippi East area. The draft feasibility study report has been developed by PEDI in consultation with various local stakeholders and will be completed by December 2019. Currently, stakeholder engagement is taking place to re-imagine the Ngulube High Street and Hives.

For the past few years, PEDI, as part of its mandate from the City, has emerged as a critical player in the urban agricultural sector through activating portions of land in Philippi for urban agricultural usage.

The Precinct Management Unit will focus on making Philippi and CLEANER and SAFER place to live and do business. Watch this space to see see creative place making initiatives in Philippi.

This partnership shows that the City is serious about leveraging its assets to ensure economic development as it will be a stimulus for the formal and informal business sectors in the area.

PEDI,  a non-profit company established in 1998 by the City of Cape Town, Western Cape Provincial Government and community-based organisations, will enter into an extended Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the City of Cape Town for three years.

The programmes and projects outlined above are crucial to improve service delivery and economic opportunities in Philippi East.

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