HHO Research

Research conducted by HHO Africa suggests that infrastructure investment in Philippi could trigger massive development in the area that could provide the spark for economic renewal.


Research conducted by HHO Africa to assess the infrastructure needed for industrial and residential development in the Philippi area suggests that the economic values predicted in the earlier survey by Demacon Market Studies was conservative and that with the right ingredients, Philippi can become a major economic hub.

Working on the assumption that 105 ha of the survey area could realistically be developed for light industry in future and an additional 109 ha could be set aside low income housing development, HHO proposed that the remaining 287 ha of the study area – approximately 25% – would be used for roads, public open spaces and detention ponds.

HHO found that while the area has a sufficient foul water sewer network and storm water system to meet the needs of full development of the area, water delivery in terms of water pressure and velocity is not optimal, and additional storm water detention ponds would need to be established.

Electricity demand is predicted to outstrip present capacity – but a new substation has already been approved to be sited on City land which would address this. Telecommunications infrastructure is considered to be sufficient.

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HHO Draft Infrastructure
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Executive Summary Conceptual
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