The future of Philippi as a light industrial zone is looking excellent with plenty of cheap industrial-zoned land available and a range of upgrades to key infrastructure under way.

PEDI is engaging government agencies and private investors to facilitate opportunities in the development of light industry in the area. PEDI believes that this under-developed area is a potential gem for investors who want to be located close to the airport, and within easy striking distance from the city centre. Recent research by the City of Cape Town has shown that there is significant opportunity for development of industry in the area.

Industry Survey shows the way for Philippi

Philippi is set to become a focus for development of a metal industry cluster, particularly in the area of metal furniture manufacture, after a City of Cape Town study showed that this industry is already taking shape in the area and could be consolidated to boost the local economy.

The study, conducted for the City’s Economic Development Department, sought to identify industry clusters in five industrial areas of the city, with the aim of strengthening them and identifying where opportunities for more cluster developments exist.

The Industry Survey results were presented by researcher Michelle Joja at the recent Business Retention and Expansion summit hosted by PEDI at Philippi Village recently.

Philippi Light Industrial Zone

A pocket of over 40 hectares of privately-owned land that is zoned for light industrial development was invaded and occupied by back-yarders in August 2014. Plans for this area to be promoted as a key element in Philippi’s role in a potential Aerotropolis vision for Cape Town have been challenged as illegal land invaders have become entrenched. Tensions over their demand for services from the City of Cape Town have descended into violence at times.

The City of Cape Town announced in December 2015 that it would provide temporary services to the community living illegally on the invaded land, in light of the humanitarian and health need for basic sanitation and waste removal.

There is significant industrial-zoned land in Philippi that does not form part of the invaded land and PEDI believes that this land offers a high-value investment opportunity as it is low-cost and is on the cusp of a new future as the changes to the road access to the area will dramatically improve it locality and desirability.


Teguka Industrial Park

The Teguka Industrial Park is fully built and has been open for just over a year. It is attracting tenants and is now about 40% occupied. This privately developed facility was built on site with cement sections constructed at the location and assembled in place. CTM recently became a tenant of the park, taking up a large retail space.

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