Covid-19 local food security response: Mobilising partnerships to build community resilience during an acute shock.

“Cape Town’s Resilience Strategy is a commitment to ensure that the City thrives in the future regardless of what shocks and stresses it faces. Resilient Cape Town offers a roadmap for a 21st Century metropolis to enable the city to become more resilient to growing physical, social, and economic challenges. It envisions Cape Town as a compassionate, connected, and capable city where Capetonians collaborate across households, communities, and institutions, to build collective responses to the current and future social, environmental and economic challenges.

Food security partnerships

The Philippi Economic Development Initiative (PEDI) was established in 1998 as a Section 21 Company by the City of Cape Town in partnership with the Western Cape Provincial Government, businesses, and the community. From the outset, its primary aim was to promote economic growth and development in the Philippi Industrial area. PEDI trains emerging farmers and creates market access for them to sell their produce and support their families. Most recently, PEDI has redirected their efforts to ensure that food grown by farmers is going directly back to the communities from which it came.”

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