Teguka Business Park

Teguka is a major business park, close to the N2 and R300 that was constructed from materials manufactured onsite, using an innovative modular system of building.

The panels for all the buildings in the Business Park were built on the property using custom metal moulds which had reinforcing wire installed inside them, which were then filled with ready-mix concrete.

The moulds were then vibrated to remove any air bubbles and once it was set, the concrete panel would be removed, ready for installation on site. The building method allows panels to be custom made to fit any dimension. Slotting the panels together as part of an engineered structure allows developers to build multiple building shapes and sizes, quickly and effectively.

Panels can also be used for fencing and the Teguka Business Park is a showcase of what can be done with these panels. It is around 40% occupied at present and offers competitive rentals for a range of different sized premises. The largest tenant at Teguka Business Park at present is the very popular CTM Tiles.

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